Here Goes Nothing…

Customer service is just a day-in, day-out, ongoing, never-ending, unremitting, persevering, compassionate type of activity.

Leon Gorman

This is my first blog. I enjoy writing and I like connecting with people. This will be my way of connecting with people through writing because why not combine two things I enjoy? I’m just trying to “live my best life” (I actually don’t hate that overused phrase) and you’re more than welcome to jump on the service train with me.

Yes, service. And yes, I actually enjoy working in a service industry and I’m excited to share my thoughts with anyone who comes across this! The woes, the delights, the unending frustrations and rewards. I purposefully left out of the Oxford comma for you judgmental types out there. I have my eye on you.

Even if you don’t think you work in a service industry, you probably do. When someone asks you to help with a work project, they become a customer. When you need to impress a CEO with a report you’ve worked your buttocks off on, they become a customer. Customers are not just the individuals who pay you or your company for a service. They are the external customers… The ones who don’t necessarily receive a paycheck from the same place as you. The people you work with who you need to please are your internal customers. I’ll be writing about both, I’m sure.

This first blog is really just to lay out my intentions so I can hold myself accountable. Also because I have a really terrible memory and this list will help me remember what I’m here for. I intend to:

  • share my experiences with you as both a customer service worker and a customer of other service workers;
  • to make you laugh, reflect, and share. Especially laugh… if these posts are not humorous then it will feel like I am writing a textbook;
  • to pick a service topic for each post (hopefully inspired from some crazy, recent experience of my own) and explore its relevance in my life and yours and how we can deal with it;
  • to end each post with a recent example of Service Success… Something I witnessed that may not be a remarkable story but is still worth mentioning because to be worthy of greatness, you have to appreciate the small things too;
  • to add some funny illustrations to these down the road but I do not intend to draw them myself (I have an artistic partner that needs convincing); and
  • to not write about my specific job because while I enjoy people, I also enjoy my privacy.

If only one person reads this and says “omgthisismyLIFE!!!” (yes, it must have an acronym, no spaces, and three exclamation points) then I am doing something right. Are you that person? Please leave a comment or contact me and let me know. I also want to hear your stories, experiences, and ideas.

I will end this first post with the reason that I will always enjoy working in a service industry. Five paragraphs back–the first paragraph for you non-counting types–I wrote that I like connecting with people. Simply put, I like making people smile. There is a genuine, euphoric feeling that comes with knowing I made someone’s day a bit easier. In a world that can be cruel and unfair to the most deserving of people, doing my small part to bring someone else even the smallest bit of happiness makes putting up with all the non-smile types (I’ll be writing about those individuals) totally worth it. If I didn’t get such satisfaction from making smiles then I would still be working in a cubicle talking to no one but stuffy investors all day.

That is all for today. I hope you’re intrigued enough to follow me on this first writing journey!

Service Success Story:

I had a lovely manicure done this evening. I started going again only a couple weeks ago because people see my hands all day and I want them to look nice, simple as that! The girl who did my nails smiled at me and said “you never came back for the turkeys!” and I was amazed that she remembered joking with me about painting turkeys on my nails for Thanksgiving all the way back in September of last year! This woman sees hundreds of clients on a regular basis and she remembered that small laugh we shared nearly 6 months ago. Wow!

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