This is Service Life.

The What.

Service Life is a project that explores the life of someone who has chosen to work in a customer service industry and feels the need to connect and share experiences with others in the same situation.

I truly enjoy my customers! But that said there are so many times during the work week that I want to face palm and exclaim “WHY!?!?” to the gods. I hope to share those face palm moments with my readers and laugh, rage, or cry over the various situations that so many of us in service jobs come across each day.

Thank you for joining me on this first blogging journey. I would truly like to hear from you through the comments on each post or even by contacting me from the “Say hello” page above!

The Who.

I am a newly minted 30 year old with over 15 years of experience working in various customer service type roles from restaurants to finance to private contracting. Yep, at the tender age of 14 I began my first job at a local Burger King and throughout high school, college, and beyond I have worked with people in one way or another. At 14 the only job I could find was in food services and now as an adult I find that I like being face to face with people. Now I want to write about it.

I know readers like to know who the writer is behind the words but it’s important to me to remain as private as possible for a couple reasons:

  • I still have a full time job. Out of respect for my coworkers and customers I do not want my name to be public on this blog. 🙂
  • Anonymity can be relatable. If the reader doesn’t know who I am then it they have a chance to step into my words and visualize themselves in the situations I present. Much more fun, no?!
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